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Molly Wickam

Name: Molly Wickham

Position: Governance Director


Molly Wickham is a Gidimt’en Clan member, adopted into the Cas Yikh (Grizzly Bear House), originally from House of Spookw. Molly’s father clan is C’ilhts’ëkhyu (Frog Clan). Her matrilineal ancestors have been intermarried into the Wet’suwet’en since the early 1900s and have lived on Witsuwit’en yin tah since that time. Molly completed her undergraduate degree on Coast Salish territories at the University of Victoria (UVIC) in Sociology and went on to earn a master’s degree in Indigenous Governance, also at UVIC. After completing university in 2010 Molly moved home with her family to learn more about land, culture, and traditional governance. She currently lives on the yin tah, at Lhudis Bin with her family and is passionate about governance, the health and well-being of the yin tah (territories) and the transmission of culture, language, and traditional song and dance.

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