Components of the Wet’suwet’en, Canada, B.C. community engagement strategy

An example of the Community Invitation Letter is in the link following this information.  

Stakeholder and community engagement are key parts of any significant negotiation between government and Indigenous Nations.

This multi-layered community engagement strategy offers targeted and public engagement opportunities to the general public and key interest holders and is critical to successful implementation of the memorandum of understanding between Wet’suwet’en, B.C. and Canada. The community engagement strategy consists of four components:

Regional engagement group (REG)

30-50 members that represent key community interests and sectors
Representative of local government, industry, service agencies, user groups, etc.
Receives updates on negotiations and provides input to ongoing discussions
Meets quarterly

Core advisory council (CAC)

Consists of 8-12 members that are nominated from the REG for consideration to join the CAC
Selected individuals are key influencers able to represent the broad interests of the REG, and are:

committed – willing to attend the process through to signing of Rights and Title;
courageous – willing to represent difficult conversations and decisions and bring back critical feedback;
curious – able to represent strong views yet remain open to new approaches to governance; and
credible – have a strong voice within key sectors of society within the Yintah and the support of members of the REG.

Meets monthly, responsible for shaping the content of REG quarterly meetings and public engagement sessions
Provides input to ongoing discussions on a regular basis
Receives personal and professional development opportunities

Public engagement sessions

Semi-annual webinar/town hall to engage public on the rights and title dialogue
Opportunity for information sharing about the process and progress of title negotiations
Platform for community dialogue and education about reconciliation, rights and title, and the Wet’suwet’en Nation

Working committees

Determined by topic when more in-depth engagement is necessary
Called as needed in support of priority topics at the rights and title table
Relevant interest holders will be invited to participate to engage in dialogue on specific issues of importance