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Avril Jack

Name: Avril Jack 

Position: WUAJ Justice Worker 

I am a proud member of the Tsayu clan. As a Wet’suwet’en we have a responsibility to one another and we have our cultural laws that have been in place way before there was a criminal justice system, teaching our members about these laws is our way of life and I am fortunate to be a part of sharing what knowledge I currently have and learning from our Hereditary Chiefs to be able to build connections within our nation. Working for the Office of Wet’suwet’en allows me the opportunity to share my cultural passions of the feast system and practicing our cultural teachings of responsibility to one another with my clients. Since working here I have become very passionate about advocating for our people in regards to the justice system, helping them navigate through the court system and connecting them with local resources that could help them with intervention and prevention work that will divert them from continuing to be involved in the courts. 

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