From: Josh Hoffman <Josh.Hoffman@westfraser.com>
Sent: September-22-21 8:27 AM
Cc: Tiana Hooker <tiana.hooker@westfraser.com>
Subject: Indigenous Youth Interested in Forestry - Summer Student Program (Fraser Lake and Smithers)


Hi All,


In our employment conversations I have likely talked about the West Fraser Forestry Summer Student Program. This year we are really focusing on hiring local Indigenous youth who show an interest in Forestry and working out on the land. Please see link - https://recruiting.ultipro.ca/WES5001WFML/JobBoard/0a498053-7ed9-e62f-75be-4ea1cdd9e382/OpportunityDetail?opportunityId=3b0c4b6c-f5f1-44d0-af80-950822cd3690

Further information:

The program is an introduction to forestry in a mentorship style setting. There are options to learn Planning Forestry, Silviculture and even Logging Operations (further descriptions available in posting).
Employment starts in May. There are options for either 4 month or 8 month terms.
Individuals are paid a healthy salaried wage that included basic benefits.
**One of the qualifications is “Enrolled in a Forestry Degree Program or a Forestry Technical Diploma Program”. However, West Fraser has found success by mentoring local Indigenous youth who have a passion in natural resource management/forestry. We are flexible, post secondary is not required at this time. The aim is to get members of local Nations to be more involved in forestry and make an impact!**


If you know of any Indigenous youth who might be qualified and interested please reach out to myself and Tiana (cced). We are happy facilitate a conversation prior to application submission.


Thank you!