Wet’suwet’en Reconciliation & Recognition Framework Agreement

For generations the Wet'suwet'en have protected the existence of our people despite the efforts of others to extinguish our very being.   These effort continue in todays' society and one vehicle of ensuring the recognition of our laws, our culture, our people, our land and our way of being is by creating relationships with external governments to advance the security of our system as we know it.   

In recent times, the Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs and Governance Team have been working on creating a Wet'suwet'en Reconciliation & Recognition Government to Government (G2G) Framework Agreement.  It is our vision to enter into negotiations with the government of British Columbia ( BC ) for the purpose of establishing a new nation-to-nation relationship built on recognition, integrity and Waguus for Wet'suwet'en people and lands for the betterment of all.  It is with this foundation that we believe reconciliation can be achieved with  B.C.

The Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs have given the mandate to proceed with meeting with BC's representatives to share our visions and aspirations for future discussions.   On December 2, 2016, the Governance Team tabled the Draft Wet'suwet'en Reconciliation & Recognition G2G Framework Agreement with the Provinc.  The Province expressed a willingness to work with Wet'suwet'en and will review the Wet'suwet'en Framework.   Discussions may commence in the new year. 

The Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs wish to collaborate with Chief and Councils within Wet'suwet'en Territory to share the Draft documents.  

If you have questions regarding this agreement, please do not hesitate to contact Debbie Pierre or Allen Cummings at 1-888-296-4411 or email at  dpierre@wetsuweten.com or acummings@wetsuweten.com .

See link below for the presentation.