Betty Tom

Name: Betty Tom 

Position: Elder in Residence 


Wet'suwet'en name - Be Gi Bien'

Gitxsan name - Wi En' Shint'

I care about Wet'suwet'en culture, working with teens, elders and families in their territory. I really enjoy seeing the difference at the end of camps and workshops. I notice a difference in youth when they hear stories of their grandmothers, their grandfathers, and how they grew up. Things are a lot different nowadays. I was fortunate to be brought up with my parents and grandparents who taught me about the value of family ties. Respect all ages, young and old. The way you want to be treated is how you treat the people you meet and give your best when you do things. Do it right the first time and you don't have to do it over again.

Love and take care, 

Betty Tom