Dianna Johansen

Name: Dianna Johansen 

Position: ECD Program Infant/Toddler Teacher 

My name is Dianna Johansen of the Gilhtseyu Clan from Thin House.  I was raised and taught by two highly respected hereditary chiefs Wah'tah Gwuts and Goohlhat.  They taught me everything I know about our Wet'suwet'en Laws and Culture.  I am a proud mother of two beautiful daughters who are now 11 and 16 years. And find myself always opening my doors at home to many nieces and nephews and young people just to provide a safe space on weekends and summer when I can.
My life motto is: "Children are our Future" and have also the following in translation posted on my wall for all guests to see "Din A'Nee Niw MudÏh Hada' LÏlh - Future Leaders". 
I have been an ECE Teacher since 2007 and continue to further my education until I graduate with my ECE Diploma.  
Our Program offers basic Wet'suwet'en Language from the Infants to the Pre-K Students.  Everything we do in our programs revolves around the children's developments in the fine and gross motor sectors.  We are a diversified center.  The team I work with is welcoming to all children and their families that come through our doors.  We also, network with different organizations in the Smithers and surrounding areas.  One of our successes in the program is working with the School District to help bridge the communication gap between our families and the schools when the children graduate from our program into kindergarten.  The program we have for this is Strong Start which is a different program as to what the School Districts already host.  
We are always available to answer any questions the community might have. Please feel free to call the above number.  Our numbers fluctuate throughout the year so if by chance you need child care do not hesitate to call and see if space is available.  
TabÏ Massih