Jeremy Dumont

Name: Jeremy Dumont

Position: ANABIP Program Assistant 


My name is Jeremy Dumont, I belong to the Tsayu Clan (Beaver), my mother’s name is C’tan (Marjorie Dumont) and my father’s name is John Dumont and Stan Nikal jr. I descend from a strong blood line, my grandfather was Wah’Tah’Geth (Henry Alfred) and my grandmother is Wal’aat (Susie Alfred). I was born in Smithers BC, spent the first ten years of my life in witset (moricetown), continued my journey is a young adult in Vancouver BC. I returned to my home of Witset in 2011. I prided myself on being an “Urban” native, I enjoyed my life in the big city but always knew there was something missing. The year I decided to move home to get reconnected with myself and my people, I knew it was going to be a life changing experience. I’ve always been a person to volunteer his time and efforts, if it meant changing a person’s outlook on life, whether it was thru sports, social gatherings or friendships. I battled a lot of adversity over the years, almost to the point of defeat. The day I started with ANABIP was the day my personal healing journey began. I enjoy my work, I will continue absorbing and passing on the knowledge that is given, which is our way.